Quyon Tractor & Truck Pull
24 Ferry Road Quyon, Quebec (Former Fairgrounds) 

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2019 Donnie Campbell Memorial Trophy Winner:
Jeff Overton

Jeff Overton, owner and driver of the single engine modified tractor "Midnight Massey", was our 2019 winner of the trophy in memory of Donnie Campbell and in honour of the original Quyon Tractor Pullers Committee members: Jack Clarke, Lee Hamilton, Ellard Kennedy, Willie Kovacs, Byron Martineau, Doug McBane, Eddie McCann, Steve McKnight, Gerry McKenny, and Kenny Stanton. Congratulations, Jeff!


We have so many people to thank!

Another great Quyon Tractor and Truck Pull to put in the books, and we have so many people to thank!

Thanks to all who helped us with the opening ceremonies, and thanks to Wendy Desabrais for leading us perfectly once again in singing "Oh Canada!"

Many thanks to all the Pullers and their crews and their families for coming out and putting on such an amazing show, you kept it safe and fun and fast, great job!

A big thank you to Bob Reny for bringing out his C-Cab/Hemi 2WD "Stinger" and giving us a great show!

Thank you to all the firefighters from the Pontiac Fire Dept for being on stand-by for us all day (in those heavy suits!), and thanks to our security team from GardaWorld for also keeping us safe.

A big thank you to the ARMY of volunteers who helped to set it all up, run it, and clean it all up afterwards. Beauty teamwork everyone!

Thanks to our announcer Marc for another year of keeping everyone informed and entertained, and thanks to Chris for the sound system and DJ duties.

Thank you to all our vendors, we really value everything you do for us!

A big thank you to all our wonderful sponsors (see the list below!), we really appreciate all your help. 

To everyone who lent us equipment, you help make the Pull possible, thank you!

Thank you to the Municipality of Pontiac, the spring flood had us all a little worried, and all your help was greatly appreciated in an already stressed-out year. 

And finally, to everyone who came out to watch the Pull, thank you for coming out and supporting us, we wouldn't have a Pull without you all!


See you all next year
on July 25th, 2020!